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Hi! we're edema from italy,

Hi! we're edema from italy,

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Dirty Tactics & Bangers tour

I wanted to ask you if you would be able to help us to fill one of our gaps for the upcoming Dirty Tactics & Bangers tour.

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NEUME have played more than 100 gigs during the last two years...

Hello booker, Tim "Lighning" Bathelt and his brother in rock Tim "Thunder" Jedro provide

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The band is called M*E*S, and they're a antifa ska/hardcore/ streetpunkrockband from Belgium.

Hey Shitrecords!!
One of the bands we book is touring around Europe again in the second half of July. They have already been booked for a few festivals in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and it would be nice if they could play in Czech Republic again also!!

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Hello, last week I sent you an e-mail about french band LE DERNIER SINGE, organizing an european tour in July 2010.

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