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BROSIDED & GxFxTx bands from Lithuania hledají koncert na říjen!!!

Hi people, (It?s G. again) This time we are making East/South European tour for two Lithuanian punk bands BROSIDED [HC/Punk] & GxFxTx [Trash/Punk] my own band, in October 2010. Bands will tour together. We want to ask you for a little help with some gigs in your country...

This is tour plan: From 1th October till 24 th October

11. CZ - Decin
12. CZ - Prague
13. CZ -
14. SK-
15. SK -
16. SK ? Stary Smokovec, October fest
17. H ? Budapest
18. RO ? Cluj - Napoca
19. RO ? Bucharest
20. RO ? Timisoara, Atelier D.I.Y.
21. H -
22. SK -
23. PL -

So, if you could help us with one or few of these dates, it would be really great of you!!! Or maybe you could get some contacts who could help us....

Here is some info about bands:
?GxFxTx? (aka Good Fucking Time) - a young trash punk band from Vilnius, Lithuania. Created in April of 2009. Band members are known from other bands (LENINO pr.(r.i.p.), Bu-By, Spengimas etc. Mostly influenced from 80?s HC/punk their songs are about daily life and things they care about. In 2009 they released their first EP ?First Try?. You can download it http://hotfile.com/dl/39089276/25bda09/GFT_-_first_try_EP.rar.html Also, band was included in splits and compilations which were released in Lithuania, Latvia, France, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Czech, Germany and even Indonesia including bands like Kazamate, ADT, Criplled Fox and many others. Some new songs from upcoming releases you can find at band space.

Bands web: http://www.myspace.com/gxfxtx

?BROSIDED? ? a punk hardcore band from Vilnius, Lithuania. Started early in 2007. Their lyrics are about the surrounding world with all it's lies and injustice. Beside that they point out humanity, personal experience and all those things which make will to live much more stronger. In 2008 released DYI studio album - Stay Hardcore. In April 2010 came with second EP ? Okeanas (The Ocean).

Bands web: http://www.myspace.com/brosided

About the bands conditions and needs:
As I've already told, both bands will tour together. All in all 8 musicians. BANDS have the whole backline with themselves (whole drum set, 1 guitar amp + cabinet, and bass combo), so they only need PA for vocal and 3 mics, 2 with stand... (ALL supporting bands can play on bands stuff)

BANDS need food, some drinks and sleeping places for 8 people... And if it's possible, it'd be good to get some money for gas... But the main thing for the band is playing in new countries, always meeting new people, and having fun...

Thanks a lot for your answers and eventual help...

Take care and cheers...


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