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Hi! we're edema from italy,

Hi! we're edema from italy,

we're edema from italy,
our last stuff is already distributed and promoted by relapse records u.s.a. ,
punishment 18 records , soundforge, firebox records, andromeda dischi,
masterpiece distro...
we are now finishing to plan our next tour in august but we still looking for
some gigs in Czech republic...

We have already had a tour in europe last year , and we had the honour to
bands like cripple bastards( which are from our hometown :) , extrema,
necrodeath, slowmotion apocalypse...
this tour will spread our last work "Default." around all over Europe , and
will provide also another band to come wih us , but this is still to be
announced soon.
you think you could help us to book for a gig in one of those days of august?
7 ,8, 9, 10, 11, 12 .

let us know if you're interested into



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