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Dirty Tactics & Bangers tour

I wanted to ask you if you would be able to help us to fill one of our gaps for the upcoming Dirty Tactics & Bangers tour.

Both bands will be on the road for 7 weeks through Europe. Dirty Tactics are members of bands like Far From Finished and Giving Chase. Bangers play music in the vain of Hot Water Music and Leatherface. I’m sure you will like them.

Links: www.myspace.com/dirtytactics / www.myspace.com/bangersbangers

These are our gaps:

Monday, June 7 - Between Belgium and Hamburg
Thurday, June 10 - Denmark or Sweden
Saturday, June 12 - South/Eastern Germany
Wednesday, June 16 - Western Germany/Netherlands
Saturday, June 19 - Czech/Eastern Germany/Poland
Sunday, June 20 - Czech/Poland
Thursday, June 24 - Between Hungary and Serbia
Tuesday, June 29 - Between Slovenia and Romania
Monday, July 5 - Between Slovakia and Slovenia

Would be more than awesome to hear from you.

Flix Records (Germany)
C/O Felix Willikonsky
Marktplatz 3
70372 Stuttgart, GER

Flix Records (Austria)
C/O Felix Willikonsky
Auhofstraße 51/1/20
1130 Vienna, AT

Tel. +69919002983

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